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Difference between Aluminum Bar and Aluminum Plate

2019-02-20 16:39:34

  Aluminum sheet is a large piece with a conventional width of 90 to 130 centimeters. Aluminum row is cut aluminium plate, which is usually made several centimeters wide according to the requirements. Aluminum exhaust pipes are mainly used in the refrigeration system of refrigerators from 10 to - 45 C. They are evaporators used in various kinds of food refrigeration and refrigeration stores. Aluminum tube evaporator plant, snow still refrigeration, aluminum tube in and out of the liquid part of high frequency resistance welding copper-aluminum joints, aluminum tube thickness 2 mm no drop, withstand 4.5 Mpa. Refrigeration capacity of aluminium steaming, K value 10W/(m2) [average], according to the design specifications of cold storage, Q = K. Ft, temperature difference T = 10 in the actual mixing process. The refrigeration capacity of aluminium platoon is 100W/m2.


  Aluminum sheet is a kind of aluminium material whose thickness is above 0.2 mm to 500 mm, whose width is above 200 mm, and whose length is less than 16 M. Aluminum sheet is below 0.2 mm, and its width is less than 200 mm. Aluminum plate refers to rectangular plate rolled and processed with aluminium ingot, which is divided into pure aluminium plate, alloy aluminium plate, thin aluminium plate and moderately thick aluminium plate with pattern aluminium plate.