The Quality Department in JIANGMEN YILIN PRECISION MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD is well-equipped with various sophisticated equipment including CMMs. We know that quality is not only a controlling process but also a value produced. To this end, we have quality stations all around the production area in every corner. According to our works and ISO directives, we adopt continuous improvement through studies in all processes.

Thanks to a sophisticated and rich variety of measurement devices, measurement reports and records are stored electronically ensuring full traceability. Quality is monitored at all times not only by assigned inspectors but also by all units involved throughout the whole production. In short, quality is to be produced during the production process rather than controlled.

Raw Material Quality

We have an in-house extrusion plant producing Brass Rods in different profiles such as Hexagon, Octagon, Solid Rods, Round, and specific profile as required and according to relevant standard and specification.

Materials we work are Metal such as Brass, Bronze, Copper, Aluminum, and Steel.

Finishing Parts Quality

 Together with external partners we can provide finishing process like Gold, Sliver, Chrome and Bright Nickel, Copper, Tin and Lead plating by approved Suppliers.

We provide brass components in various finishing such as polishing and  stove lacquering.

Measurement Lab